Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Internet Makes Money The Secret Report !

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Viral Media Marketing Via YouTube

Youtube Visitors = Money in the Bank !
Every time a viewer watches one of your videos, a hit is produced. One view equals one hit. Simple, right? Now imagine what would happen once one of your videos reaches 100,000 hits. This is not only how a viral video is originated, but more importantly, how money is made. For starters, you have to realize that in the past you would have had to start up your own website in order to produce viral videos. This is both costly and timely. However, because of YouTube and other social media sites, this is no longer an issue. You now have access to a free hosting medium.

What this means is that most of the work has already been done for you, at no charge. All you have to do is create an account with YouTube, make some videos, and presto, you’re ready to make money! Once the hits start coming your way, this is when the advertisers will start knocking at your door, or rather, surfing to your page. What Viral Media does is that it teaches you how to maximize the effectiveness of your videos so to ensure millions of hits.
The Viral Media Experts Guide features:
  • How-to methods and do-it-yourself instructions for creating memorable videos
  • Explanations on how to raise production by adding “up sell” to your videos
  • Information on how to integrate all of your videos through linking
  • Structural advice for optimizing your videos in quality and simplicity
  • Video promotion to increase traffic which will increase your number of hits
  • How to key in on your target audience, and branch out at the same time
  • Trade secrets and much, much more!
  • Here is way to start your own way with your Youtube videos.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Make Money With Your You Tube Videos.

Become a You Tube Celebrity !
But The Big Question Is How ???
You know You Tube Videos? Now it's Your turn!
Discover the Amazing, Easy to do, Secrets to becoming an
Internet Superstar on You Tube, Face book or My Space!
Learn how to make your Videos go Viral today!
Discover the Secret Strategies behind Viral Videos.
Master these Secrets and more!
Reach 1,000,000 views with the push of a button!
Do Not settle on being Almost Famous
Learn the Strategies that will make you a STAR!
Here are 10 Tips that will lead YOU down the road to Success....

Capitalize on Instant Exposure
Yes, it's true. Believe it or not, you can make money through YouTube! And better yet, it's not as tough as you might think. Since the inception of the internet, television viewership has been on steady decline as societal viewing habits continue to change. More and more people are turning off their TVs and logging onto YouTube for their news and entertainment. Because of the internet, we are no longer forced into watching what some program director or network exec tells us to. We now have an alternative, we have a choice. We are free to search out and pursue our own interests, able to find our own content through the videos that we want to, and now can watch.

YouTube has been the major force behind this change. YouTube Marketing, for instance, has been created by this change. It's an exciting and compelling new advertising medium that is creating a lot of buzz. And now you can be the first to capitalize on this opportunity, literally! One of the more underappreciated advantages of YouTube is that it is a completely free site, and one that over 200,000,000 viewers frequent per day. This ability of instant gratification instant exposure to millions of viewers grants you access to the widest audience on the internet, and all without having to spend a cent on advertising! Because of this possibility another, more tangible advantage is presented; the opportunity for your own videos to go viral. What this all means is that when a viewer finds your video captivating, they will then proceed to share it with their friends and coworkers, and they may even embed it onto their own website, Facebook or mySpace pages. Then these new viewers will proceed to do the same, and the cycle continues, getting bigger and more far-reaching in the process. This is concept behind Viral Media, and this is the beauty behind YouTube marketing.

  • Learn The Secrets to making Your Media Viral!
  • Learn to promote your business with Video Marketing
  • Discover how you can Maximize your Hits Increase Sales
  • Master the art of Generating Traffic for your site with Videos
  • Get Access to the Best Tools to Create and Edit Your Videos
  • Determine Marketing mistakes and how to Avoid and Fix them
  • Learn how Business use Youtube to make their Media go Viral
  • See how easy it is to target a Niche Market and Profit from it
  • Access the Experts Guide to Viral Video Production made Easy!
  • Viral Media includes all this and so much more!
  • The More Videos you make, the More $$$$$ you Earn!
  • Follow these Simple Tips & produce Viral Results!

Know your audience.
By learning the tendencies and preferences of a viewership, it becomes much easier to target them. Target a viewership to corner the market. This will not only ensure that a video will be watched, but also that it will be enjoyed.

Capture attention.
Once a target has been chosen, incorporate a tactic, or ploy, that is geared towards that audience. An example of a strong and universally appealing tactic would be that of humor. Humor appeals to everyone. It is very efficient because it is memorable.

Maximize tactics.
After a few tactics have been tested, utilize the best one by exposing it to its fullest. For example, if humor proves the strongest ploy for drawing in an audience, then be sure to make jokes that are of the highest quality. Rely on other emotions as well to create lasting memories for audiences.

Spread the word.
Make time an ally by sending out videos before they can be seen. Hit quickly, and hit often! Exposing a video creates an audience. Audiences, in turn, spread videos around making them viral. Audiences, however, do not make videos. Videos need to find their audience because audiences will not find them on their own.

This is a simple, yet often overlooked tip. Let a video loose by sending it out through as many different media outlets as possible. A video becomes viral only once it is exposed. Again, this will help the video find its audience. The more avenues a video is seen on, the bigger its overall audience will be.

Video shelf life.
It is crucial to understand that these videos are not being produced for the long-haul. They should not be created with the intentions of standing the test and time. They, like their media, live in the here and now. Viral videos are of the moment. It is far more constructive to spend the time on making several videos rather than putting that same amount of time into crafting one stunning gem. Exposure is based on quantity of content.

Once a video has been released, it is absolutely imperative that it is studied. Find out when and where it attracts the most viewers. Discover its strengths and weaknesses and learn from it. Take this new found information and use it to better future videos.
In-depth, detailed analysis to all these Tips and More!
Viral Media will expose your Product & Multiply your Profit!
Viral Media is proven to be a powerful advertising agent, and an avenue for revenue that has
yet to be tapped into. As an undiscovered resource, Viral Media provides you, the
entrepreneur, with an unprecedented opportunity for money-making!

With Viral Media, Benefit from:
  • Free video circulation
  • Marketing distribution tips
  • Recognition of your brands & products
  • Increased exposure and awareness of your
  • Video design concepts
  • Video production tutorials
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Showcase your ability to MAKE MONEY with the power of Viral Media !